About Us

In the early 1980s, I had the privilege of working in a small record store that my parent’s purchased. Little did I know over the years I would grow to miss this place and the many people that touched my life. The gentleman that started the store and operated it until he passed away had created something special for the community and my dad along with my uncle continued the tradition. It was nothing special to look at, but the friendly faces that we saw every week were something to smile about.

Our customers would come in one after the next and we knew everyone by name, and it was great. In those days we had 45’s lined up on the back wall and the albums, 8 track tapes, and other merchandise were out front. We would stand behind the hand made counter and basically be dj’s for our customers, who were also our friends, family, coaches, teachers, and the list goes on and on. My uncle ran the day to day stuff because my dad worked full time, but Pops would always stop by after work to check on things and talk with a few customers. It was always great to see our customers smile when we played a song they liked, it was like all the troubles they had would vanish if just for that brief moment in time and I think that is what made this place special.

Arvedia Inc. is our attempt at trying to make a special place where our customers come to visit and leave smiling. Thanks for visiting our site, please come back soon.